Gift Cards FAQ

  1. How do I purchase a gift card?
    Gift Cards can be purchased on our website by clicking, here.

  2. What denominations are available for gift cards?
    Gift Cards are available in $50, $100, $250, and $500 amounts.

  3. Is there an expiration date for the gift card?
    No, our gift cards do not expire.

  4. Can I use a gift card to purchase any item on the website?
    Gift Cards can be used to purchase any items except other gift cards.

  5. How do I check the balance of my gift card?
    To check the balance of your gift card, visit the link provided in your gift card email. Or, contact our Customer Happiness Team at (866) 619-1004, or via email at

  6. What happens if I lose my gift card?
    All gift cards are digital, but if you lose your gift card code, our Customer Happiness Team can provide it to you.

  7. Are gift cards refundable or transferable?
    No, gift cards are not refundable or transferable. Any monetary value from a return for a purchase made with a gift card will go back to a gift card.

  8. Can I use a gift card along with other promotional offers or discounts?
    Yes, you can use your gift card to pay for your purchase that has promotional offers or discounts

  9. How quickly can I receive a digital gift card?
    Digital gift cards are emailed and generally received within 5 minutes after purchase. Always check your Spam and Junk mail folders too!

  10. Can I reload or top up an existing gift card?
    No, gift cards cannot be reloaded or topped up. For an additional balance, a new gift card will need to be purchased.

  11. Do gift cards cover tax costs?
    Yes, gift cards will cover any taxes on an order if used assuming the balance of the card is greater than the total of the order.

  12. Can I return items purchased with a gift card?
    Yes, the price paid will be returned back to the gift card.

  13. What payment methods can I use to purchase a gift card?
    Credit or debit cards can be used to purchase a gift card. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.

  14. Are there any limitations on using gift cards along with other payment methods?
    No, you can use the balance of a gift card to cover the partial cost of a purchase. Be sure to apply the gift card balance first before your secondary form of payment. 

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