Sofa FAQ

  1. How many boxes will my sofa come in?
    Sofas are boxed and shipped in parts. Each seat is packaged in a box. Armrests will be packaged together by the pair. So, for example, a 2-seater sofa will come in 3 boxes; 2 seats, and 1 set of armrests.
  2. How will my sofa be delivered?
    We ship all our furniture, including sofas, through FedEx. Packages will be left near your front door when they are delivered. Apartment dwellers should check with their office as to how they handle packages since delivery policies vary based on the apartment complex. 
  3. Will all my boxes arrive at the same time?
    We sure hope so! But, sometimes FedEx will separate deliveries. It's best to allow 24-48 hours for all your boxes to arrive before reaching out.
  4. Are the boxes heavy and how much do they weigh?
    Weight for individual parts vary based on different sofa styles. You should expect each box to weigh 35 pounds or more. 
  5. Are the cushions washable?
    Yes! Depending on the style of sofa you purchase, some seat cushions can be removed to be washed. If not, it's best to clean with a soft soap and lukewarm water.
  6. What is the warranty coverage for sofas?
    Our sofas come with the same Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty that we offer on all our products. We'll cover any manufacturer defects or damage! 
  7. Are replacement parts, like seats, available for purchase?
    Not at this time. If you receive a damaged seat, we can send you a new one.
  8. Can these sofas be used outside?
    It's best to use our sofas indoors. For outdoor furniture, we have a few great options!
  9. Can I customize how I build my sofa?
    If you order a modular sofa from us, you can flip and reverse it however you like. Think "couch legos" to be able to move seats around as you need. Each seat locks in with the one next to it, so you can add, remove and adjust however fits your space. And, the armrests can be flipped to be on either side of a seat.
  10. Can I order a swatch of the sofa fabric first?
    Absolutely! Free Swatch samples are available on our website. 
  11. How much can the sofa support in weight?
    All our sofas can support maximum 300 pounds per seat. Our loveseats can support up to 380 pounds total. 
  12. Can I return a sofa once it's built?
    For Returns, check out our Return Policy. Our Customer Happiness Team is available to help with any issues you have and to help organize a return or refund for you if you're not completely satisfied with your new sofa(s). 

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