Lighting FAQ

1. What other light bulbs can fit in this light?

The bulb must not be greater than the max wattage for the fixture. It must match the base size, and the diameter of any area of the bulb should be less than diameter of any area of shade, so that it can fit. See Light Bulb Bases

2. Can I use an LED light bulb?

Yes, so long that the base size matches and the diameter of any area of bulb is less than diameter of any area of shade, so that it can fit.

3. Is this UL/ETL certified?

Yes, all our products are either UL or ETL.

4. Do I need an electrician to set up the hardwire?

We recommend using a certified electrician for all hardwiring, although all of our fixtures can be set up without an electrician, as long as you are replacing an existing fixture or have an existing junction box ready for a fixture installation. ENSURE POWER IS OFF WHEN INSTALLING. For all new constructions, please use a certified electrician.

5. Can I retrofit this hard-wired to a plug-in or vice versa?

Yes, a plug-in fixture can be turned into a hardwire fixture and a hardwire fixture can become a plug-in fixture. For many products we will provide all the necessary hardware to make these changes, if not, you will need to purchase the necessary hardware.

6. Is this light compatible outside North America?

Our lighting is only warranted in Canada and the United States.

7. Can these lights work on a dimmer?

Dimmability is related to the light bulb and the wall switch, not the light fixture. All our hardwire fixtures are compatible with dimmable light bulbs. We recommend using a dimmer switch, as it extends the life of the bulb and allows for energy saving and great ambiance. If using a LED bulb, please ensure both your LED bulb and dimmer switch are compatible.

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