Theo Bookcase with Drawers (65801, 65802)

Having an issue with your drawers fitting correctly? You're not alone. Take a look at the article below that should help get this taken care of!

Many customers have mentioned to us that their drawers sit above where they should, which leaves a gap. Do yours look something like this?

Here's how you can fix it:

  1. Make sure your drawer and cabinet runners are correctly installed. See step 6 on page 10 of the Instruction Sheet.
        Helpful Diagram:
  2. Review page 18 of our Instruction Sheet and assure the drawer runners are fully inserted into the cabinet slides and not laying on top of the runner itself.
        Helpful Diagram:
  3. Review this video here (0:50 second mark specifically), to see how these should fit with each other.
        Insider Tip: It's a super common and easy mistake to accidentally assemble the drawers with the sliders sitting on top of the cabinet members since the drawers will still technically function even if they're not sitting correctly inside the cabinet members.

  4. If this doesn't resolve the overlap issue with your drawers, please let us know. Your purchase is completely covered under our Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty and we're absolutely here to make this right for you!

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