My tracking says delivered, but I haven't received my order.

Occasionally, carriers may scan your shipment as delivered, but nothing has actually arrived at your home. Here are the steps to take if this happens:

  1. Confirm that the shipping address entered at checkout is correct. You can view this on your order confirmation email or on your order status page.

  2. Check all exterior doors and other locations where the package could be, including porches, patios, garage, and any area out of potential weather hazards.

  3. If you live in an apartment, check with your front desk attendant, building security, and mailroom.

  4. Check with neighbors around your residence. Sometimes carriers will drop the package off close by mistakenly.

  5. Check with anyone who might have retrieved the package.

  6. Allow 2 business days for the order to arrive. Sometimes orders are prematurely scanned as delivered and will generally show up within the next couple of days. 

  7. Contact the carrier who is delivering the package. Your package may be held at the carrier's hub.

If it has been more than 2 business days since your tracking information says your order was delivered and you’ve not been able to locate your package, please contact our Customer Happiness Team so that we can assist you.

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